Mole app

How you can keep track of changes of your moles at an early stage.

Mole app: Download the app on your smartphone and start checking moles by your own!

The incidence of both non-melanoma and melanoma skin cancers has been increasing over the past decades. This is directly related to the increased ozone levels. As ozone levels are depleted, the atmosphere loses more and more of its protective filter function and more solar UV radiation reaches the Earth's surface.
Especially people who were exposed to excessive UV radiation during their childhood and adolescence have an increased risk of developing melanoma. However, also the hereditary disposition plays a major role.

Early detection increases the chances of recovery

If a black skin cancer is detected early, it can be cured in most of the cases. However, if the melanoma has already formed metastases, the chances of recovery are much worse.

Therefore, it is important to visit the dermatologist regularly for skin cancer screening – In addition, the mole app helps you to check changes of your birthmarks.

What is a melanoma?

Often a melanoma is difficult to distinguish from a mole. A melanoma is dark, because this develops from skin cells, which form pigments. These are often multi-colored, asymmetrically shaped and blurred by healthy skin cells. They also often protrude beyond the surface of the skin. According to the ABCDE-rule, moles can be distinguished from melanoma:

  • A like Asymmetry
  • B like Borders
  • C like Color
  • D like Diameter
  • E like Evolving

Benefits of the mole app

With the app you can easily and regularly check changes of your birthmarks.

You have the possibility to recognize conspicuous developments of moles, also between the dermatologist visits, and thus improve your skin cancer screening. Based on the ABCDE-rule the app recognizes external changes of moles that indicate skin cancer:

  • Simple menu management

  • Easy to use

  • Quick results about irregularities and changes of moles

  • Meaningful supplementation of skin cancer screening

  • Notifiction, if a dermatologist needs to be visited

How this app works:

After registration mark all birthmarks on your body that you want to watch. Periodically the app will remember you to take photos of your moles. All photos for each mole are stored in chronological order.
The app recognizes abnormal deviations and changes of the birthmark based on the ABDCE-rule. You will receive push-up messages, if irregularities have been detected and you should visit a dermatologist for check-up. In this way you can prevent skin cancer by early detection.