Mobile Apps

Bring Ideas to Reality

The borders of computers and mobile devices are diminishing. Today's smartphones have more computing power than the most sophisticated computers had a couple of years ago and offer broadband access and location-based services. Fellow Consulting specializes in mobile, CRM, and community applications, collaboration gadgets and location-based services.

We enable businesses to leverage mobile applications at enterprise level to provide a better customer experience to their clients. We develop applications for all kind of operating systems. For IOS, Android and many more.

Benefit from our experience. We help you to bring your business to mobile systems!


IPhone & IPad

IPhone, IPad


Android Smartphone

Android SmartPhone


Game Design, UI/UX Design, Responsive Design



JavaEE Entwicklung, .NET & C# Entwicklung, Web Entwicklung, Kubernetes, OpenStack, Docker, IAAS


Internet of Things

Android- und iOS-basiert, Raspberry Pi, Smart Home, Smart Technologies & Accessories, Embedded, BLE

IPhone, IPad


Xamarin, Unity, PWA, Cross Platform Apps, RIA Apps, Apache Flex, Starling SDK

Android SmartPhone


Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality, 3ds Max, Microsoft Hololens HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, HTC 



Unity3D, AppGameKit, Unreal Engine, Game Play Design


Desktop Apps

Mac OSX, Imac & MacBooks, Surface, HoloLens, Windows (UWP)

IPhone, IPad

Artificial intelligence

TensorFlow, Machine & Deep Learning, Python

Android SmartPhone

Smart TV

LG Webos, Samsung Tizen, Firefox OS, Sony Smart TV Apps, AppleTV & tvOS, Smart-TV App Agentur, HbbTV, Android TV


App Vermarktung

App Store Optimierung, Tracking und Customer Journey Analyse, App Push-Kampagnen, IT Consulting


Benefit from our know-how and experience in your IT projects. More than 30 specialists at Fellow Consulting stand for a new generation of efficient programming.

Mobile apps in the enterprise environment

The development of mobile apps follows the same principles as in the classical software development. We use proven agile methods and combine the benefits of agile processes with the reliability that companies expect. We use interactive approaches and customers receive continuous updates and are actively involved in the process. 

Full service for your product, no matter in what phase

We see ourselves both as a strategic consultancy and as a problem solver. We enjoy our work and are happy to accompany you in all phases of the development. From a rough idea to the design of the interface to technical support.