Fellow Consulting supports customers in various industries by providing chatbot applications for:

Customer service
Support for Customer Interaction Centers
Customer marketing
Customer acquisition

A chatbot is a computer program that is able to have conversation in spoken or written language.


Thus, a chatbot can independently respond to messages by using rules and routines.

Whether web pages, social networks or messengers, chatbots are used on any platform and offer new ways of customer communication. Especially for customer service chatbots offer great opportunities.

In compare to traditional call centers chatbots can answer customer inquiries faster, are cheaper, are available 24/7 and never get annoyed.

Thanks to advanced algorithms and increasing computing power, today chatbots have the potential to convincingly mimic human actors and even pass the Turing test. A Turing test can realise, if an intelligent machine has a mind equivalent to that of a human.

By using natural language processing techniques Fellow Consulting AG offers chatbots

based on artificial intelligence such as machine learning or deep learning technology. These chatbots can continuously increase their abilities to provide customers with resourceful support while saving processes and time.

The development potential is enormous. In the future many applications will be executed by chatbos, that were previously managed by apps.

For different industries Fellow Consulting AG offers a chatbot solution in Azure.

It handles immediate and fully automatic customer interactions with a wide range of topics, such as customer survey or customer service. The chatbot works with the latest AI-technology and can be flexibly integrated into any communication platform.

The chatbot is available 24 hours a day and meets the needs of clients, which are always online and expect a direct and customer-focused service.

Learn more about the Microsoft Azure platform and how Fellow Consulting supports you in integration, use and maintenance.