Google IoT

Fellow Consulting – official partner of the Google Cloud solution

Connecting IoT devices to the Google Cloud Platform the interface Cloud IoT Core is required. With this interface you manage your devices and prepare data for further processing in the cloud. From countless, globally distributed devices, data can safely and easily be connected, managed and recorded.

In combination with other services on the Google Cloud IoT platform, Cloud IoT Core provides a comprehensive solution for collecting, processing, analysing and visualizing IoT data in real time. So you can enormously increase the efficiency of your company.

Fellow Consulting helps you to integrate, use and maintain Google Cloud IoT Core.

Benefits of Google IoT Core

Securely connect your existing device network

Through Log endpoints you connect a few or millions of your globally distributed devices and you ensure a smooth data collection under numerous conditions. You can use your previous devices with small firmware changes, becuas Cloud IoT Core supports the standard-MQTT and -HTTP protocols. The serverless infrastructure of Google, running the Cloud IoT, provides strong security protocols to protect your business data.

Set up bidirectional communication with your devices

With the intelligent and responsive IoT data pipeline created by Google Cloud IoT Core, you can import your device data into your day-to-day business. Use bidirectional communication for e.g. Firmware updates or your own device updates.

Immediate start of work

You can manage your IoT data network centrally from a single console. Cloud IoT Core can work seamlessly with any Android Things devices or any other devices.

Fellow Consulting seamlessly connects your devices through IoT Core interface with the Google Cloud. As an experienced partner, we support you in any requests about Google Cloud IoT Core - competent and reliable!