Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Fellow Consulting and Microsoft - a strong partnership.

Fellow Consulting is silver partner of Microsoft. With Azure Microsoft offers a Cloud-Computing platform, that consists of cloud services and is always extensible according your needs.

It includes solutions, platform services, and industry-leading edge technologies that help you increase your productivity. Azure lets you deploy and manage your applications on a global network.

You have unlimited possibilities!

Fellow Consulting helps you to integrate, use and maintain of your individual Azure solution.

Logo Microsoft Azure - Fellow Consulting is partner of Microsoft

Your benefits of Microsoft Azure

Whether virtualization, artificial intelligence, databases or Internet of Things, the available services of Azure are multifaceted. You can book Azure services based on effort or reserve for a pre-defined budget.

The flexible booking allows you to shut down applications that are no longer needed and to pay only for what you have used (pay-as-you-go). So you have your costs always under control.

As a Microsoft Azure user, you benefit from advanced development standards and comprehensive compliance requirements.

The Microsoft Azure solution and it´s services are:

  • Hybrid
  • Reliable
  • Intelligent
  • Productive
  • Scalable
  • Sicher

Azure Functions

With a serverless architecture, you can build and develop your apps faster. Depending on demand you scale your consumption and pay only for the resources you use.

Azure Functions offers numerous benefits:

  • Build apps you need easily by using serverless functions that scale to meet demand.
  • Use a fully managed computing platform – secure and reliable. No longer you have to worry about maintaining and provisioning servers.
  • Optimize your business logic and write code only for what's really important to your business. For everything else Microsoft Functions offers an innovative programming model.
  • You can create Functions in the programming language of your choice. To write the code you can use an user-friendly web-based interface or build locally on your machine with your preferred development tool.
  • Built-in monitoring tools help you to troubleshoot issues.

Fellow Consulting is app innovation partner

With Microsoft you easily take your apps to the market. As an app innovation partner of Microsoft, Fellow Consulting assists you to import your apps into the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Take advantage of many benefits.

Your will receive training and product offers that help you building your apps. You learn how you market and sell your apps, that you can meet growing customer demand. Microsoft helps to refine your app offering and to increase your sales to be more profitable.

Examples for business cases

In the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning:

  • Predictive Maintenance: Necessary maintenance work can be planned in advance, e.g. by detecting signs of wear on machines in production facilities.
  • Software algorithms for detection of irregularities are constantly improved by the analysis and utilization of image and video material.
  • Azure Cognitive Services: For example, a chatbot can be implemented in the self-service portal for your customers to answer "first-level inquiries." Different services give the bot cognitive abilities. This way its intelligence is increasing.

In the field of platform:

  • Azure Stack bietet hybride Serverstrukturen, sie können je nach Datenmaterial und Anwendungsfall zwischen online und on premise Varianten wählen.
  • Azure Stack offers hybrid server structures. You can choose between online and on premise variants, depending on data and application case.
  • Various business solutions such as eCommerce solutions, intelligent digital marketing apps, sales and automated lead management can be easily scaled using Azure Database.

Services provided by Fellow Consulting

  • Analysis

    If you are still unsure, whether Microsoft Azure is the right solution for you, then you should definitely talk to us. Together with you, we analyze your potential for saving and whether the cloud platform makes sense in your IT environment.

  • Consulting

    Once you have chosen Microsoft Azure, we will work with you on a set up a plan for implementation and work out steps, to ensure a successful integration.

  • Integration:

    We integrate your desired applications on the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

  • Maintenance and Services

    If you prefer services in the cloud, we will assist you in implementation. We answer all your questions and problems, which may arise by using Microsoft Azure.

As an experienced silver partner of Microsoft Azure Fellow Consulting supports you - competent and reliable. We look forward to your inquiry!