Cloud Solutions

Hybrid Cloud

Revolutionize the way you work!

Today's businesses need  scalable, connected IT services that can adapt fast to changes in the environment. Hybrid cloud computing is the answer to this challenge: The coordinated use of cloud services, that are more than just seperated in  public, private and shared cloud. 


Progressive IT departments are no longer asking whether they should use cloud, but rather which cloud model is the best. According to experts, hybrid cloud is the future. Hybrid cloud is a mix of private and public cloud, bringing together the benefits of both cloud solutions.

"Hybrid cloud" is the best of public and private cloud in one cloud solution. The main challenge of bringing them together is integration: Particularily the integration of "on premise" applications make the hybrid cloud an innovative solution for growth-oriented companies.

Why Cloud Computing?



Your employees work more productively together, being connected from any device, anywhere and anytime.





Your cloud-based services can be scaled flexibly according to bandwidth or your business needs.


You can quickly respond to changes in the marketplace, your industry or in your business and beat competitors with faster time-to-market.


You are prepared for all natural and technical catastrophes: Minimize downtimes and keep critical data and applications safe.

Multi Cloud

Multi Cloud offers the possibility to use cloud services and platforms of several providers in parallel. It can be considered as an extension of the hybrid cloud. In this model private and public cloud can be combined. By combining different cloud services providers, the multi cloud offers more tolerance than the hybrid cloud.

hybrid cloud


The most suitable cloud provider for the application can be flexibly selected

There arise no obligations for companies from cloud providers. On cost changes or performance adjustments of the can be flexibly responded.

Cloud providers can be used in parallel, which increases availability and reliability.

All cloud services are combined into one large cloud, which are managed via a single management interface.

Fellow Consulting: Your ideal cloud-partner

Fellow Consulting offers multi-level support on different levels: as consultant, administrator and as integration partner.

We manage the development and realization of a customized cloud and ensure a smooth and complete cooperation with your existing IT infrastructure. Fellow is cloud consultant, integrator and facilitator.





We develop a suitable cloud strategy and develop a realistic roadmap, which is in line with your existing and future business requirements.


We organise the entire implementation of your cloud technology and ensure that all components smoothly work together with your existing IT infrastructure.


We manage your cloud: We are your direct contact for all issues regarding your infrastructure. We ensure ongoing cost efficiency and minimize potential sources of risk.


No matter if your cloud is from Azure, Deutsche Telekom or Google. You choose the cloud providers which suits your needs best and we implement your multi cloud solution.


You have already an existing cloud environment and need additional modules? No problem, we implement the desired features into your existing cloud solution providing microservices.