Fellow Consulting helps enterprises
Digitizing their Customer Data and Processes

Optimize your customer experience with AI.

Artificial intelligence can be found everywhere in our daily lives - Google Maps shows us the fastest way to the office, Alexa orders toilet paper and Netflix knows what we want to see today, based on our last film selection.

But how does that work? Since when are machines creative or intelligent, and what are the impacts?

Since the advent of Big Data, both, the amount of available data and the ability to process it have grown exponentially. The more information that is stored, the better it can be used to create intelligent solutions. The technologies become smarter with every interaction.

 Areas of application for artificial intelligence are countless, like production, health care or logistics. And one thing is for sure - artificial intelligence will revolutionize our daily lives in the future.

Predictive Servicing and Predictive Maintenance dramatically reduce maintenance time and costs because smart data models predict which service case will occur when.

 We support you with intelligent solutions and data-driven applications that also teach your machines how to get smart.

What are we doing for you:

  • CRM Solutions
  • Work Management Platforms
  • Mobile Applications
  • Integration
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monday.com preferred Partner

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Bpm'online Integrator Partner
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Google Cloud Partner

We write friendly software. Sometimes simple but also complex if necessary. Gladly for all types of companies, using smart technologies, methods and tools.

But never off the rack. We are not only interested in the alleged problem but also in the process and customer benefit. We just love to solve problems –  in doing so, we enjoy to use the possibilities of the public cloud.

We are enthusiastic about adding customer value and  finding solutions. And we understand IT. Together with our customers, we not only move between Web and Apps but also in business applications such as CRM and SAP

We write code with passion in all areas.